Monday, February 23, 2009

Taking the Love Dare

The Love Dare as featured in the movie "Fireproof" is a 40 day challenge for husbands and wives. I started the dare back in December, but a myriad of "stuff" got in the way and I quickly forgot about the book, even though the first 4 days had already started a series of great changes and unexpected feelings.

I am challenging all of my married friends to take the Love Dare with me this Lent season. It's only 40 days....and they will change your life. Come with me....share your comments, feelings, and inspirations as we take on this challenge. You can buy the book at your local Barnes and Noble, or neighborhood Christian bookstore for about $10 if you would like to follow along. You can also journal in the dare book, to sort out feelings, write down expectations that are met, or not, and to have a beautiful chronicle of your journey.

Come on....what are you waiting for? The Dare starts in 2 days!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Okay - should be easy to not say anything negative to my husband and we do not fight or say negative things to each other!! Will take tomorrow's lesson challenge too!! Will keep you posted!! - M