Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Exciting thing happening in our house~

How is it going with you?
I am actually several days ahead of the blog on my dares. Last week on Friday I was on Day 16, the dare I will give you in a minute. It asks for you to pray for your spouse and any areas you may need help in. In your marriage, in his heart, in your heart, etc. I prayed for a deeper intimacy and peace in B's heart and mine.

That night after the kids went to bed B asked me if I would like to watch movie. We went to Verizon's on demand site and they had 2 movies we both wanted to see. Fireproof (the movie featuring the Love Dare),and some other movie. I know he really wanted to see the other one, but he chose FP because he knew I wanted to see it. We watched it and I told him that I had been following the Love Dare. The acting in it was pretty bad, but the message was amazing. We sat there after the movie and talked for hours. I told him he was welcome to read my book, but he said he wanted to do the Love Dare on his own. The last three days we have had a peace and contentment in our house and relationship that has never been there. Conflict has been met with understanding. He has been doing housework for me that I would normally nag about. He looks at me different, we talk different. Love is good.

The difference happened when I invited God to be a part of our marriage. Try it, be open to it, and you will experience incredible results. God is love.

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Anonymous said...

I stumble upon your site after a friend told me about the love dare. I have been reading through your blog since. My husband moved out in October because of many faults I have...I had no idea he was so unhappy with me so it was quite a shock.

We have decided to get together January 15th to decide if we will work on our marriage or proceed with the divorce. In the mean time I have done much soul searching and made quite a few changes. The day my friend told me about the Love Dare was exactly 40 days before January 15th...definately devine intervension. I am hoping this works. He is the love of my life and we share 4 amazing children. after 10 years of marriage I feel more in love with him now than I have in a long time. Thank you for your blog. Tonight I will be inviting God into our marriage.